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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Aqua Data Studio

Ok I'll confirm the name later, you see I'm posting from downstairs off my windows laptop. I looked when I first got my mac for something to use to view our SQL server DBMS at work instead of access. Nothing was forthcoming that let me see the structure and the data easily, except maybe one, but it was expensive. Well today I found Nevada, and I've gotta say I found it marvelous. It looked good, nice layout; good functionality, groovy little drag and drop query builder. View into the data, if your user has permissions editing the data, and table structures. Supports MS SQL Server, MySQL and about a dozen others. I thought well how much is this gonna cost... Well for me, not, nada, zip... A big fat 0. I love working in education I really do. So that is one of the 5 icons left on my dock for now.


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