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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Firstly a review

I've had my shiny, oh so shiny mac book out of the box for appx 24 hours now. I will put some pics up for those who are interested, I shall be brief. I've been told recently I need to be more brief / concise and less wordy.
The Good: (I shall do detail later)
Universal apps blow me away. Frighteningly fast, but i expected that when I was playing with them in store.
Lots of universal apps out there, Cisco has it's VPN client in binary version 4.9, Cheeky firefox build, menu meters
Amazingly bright screen
So shiny
Backlit keyboard - awesome, you can't know this until you've used one
Migration Assistant - insanely great. I know windows has one and it's great for a big ole lump of files but for settings it falls down a lot. And for heavens sake don't ask the MS one to transfer programs. The apple one, just works.
It's shiny
Two fingered scrolling the best thing i've done two fingers in a while
Rosetta - one word; seamless.
MagSafe; unique, simple - seems to work
Camera quality is amazing for the size of it... hell it's amazing compared to my full size isight
Dual cores rock, even down to two graphs in activity monitor or menu meters.
Did I mention it's shiny ?
The Bad: (Actual flaws in design decisions/ production)
Battery life is dodge; OK I've not done a calibration yet but the numbers aren't good
For me being a lowly PC convert, the apple harms me; The track pad too wide, my little finger keeps straying onto the edge and confusing it
For me it's true of all apple laptop keyboards, it's as if they're slightly out of phase with my hands, I can't hit the A key first time I always end up hitting caps lock
Front row: Yes it's cool but what is it doing on a laptop. the mac mini needed it but a high end laptop for travelling no point, especially since they took away the s-vid port, you couldn't lay on the bed and watch this insanely bright screen from accross the room... maybe my hotel rooms are just too big !
Boot time... I expected 27 seconds from some reviews... what happened to mine ?
Metal case, I know it's shiny... shiny is cool - but metal on my legs with shorts on is cold... then after 20 mins... it's f***ing hot. Not dangerously... but it's certainly lowing my sperm count for the period of use.

The ugly: (Personal gripes)
For me this weird A key problem i've got.
Battery life expectations could get pretty ugly if it doesn't improve after calibration.
15.4" don't *whistle*; The dude in the store says, yeah it'll fit in a standard 15" case... i think it would be a bit comfy.
When on mains power and lid closed mode; it seems to get confused easily about sleeping and not sleeping.
Raised expectation on safari speed... what is all the fuss about ?
Wish the screen would go back further
I think since apple are embrassing multibuttons the trackpad clicker should be two buttons.


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