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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It'll be a blue ray Christmas without you

At 0723 I heard a business update, it appears Sony in an official statement have pushed back, yet again, the release date of their PS3 games machine to November. This is signiifcant in several ways, firstly another delay, secondly they claim it's because of the blu-ray DVD system, thirdly this deadline is cutting it dman close to the US Holiday seaosn starting with Thanks-Giving, and running in the World Wide Christmas season - if they hit this Microsoft will have had a damn near 12 month lead on Sony. The PS3 is going to have to something very special now to hit the xbox, a 12 month lead a slew of games out and prepared for the xbox and Sony still dallying with their DVD componant. If they then missed that it could hurt even more, shares had already dropped 2% and official announcement came post Market Close in Japan, the shares could slide much further when their market reopens tomorrow. Could this be 'game over' ?


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