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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Whistle why the mac book pro works

A Must read for all new or prospective mac book owners...

Great minds think alike, well nearly. This very morning I was sat in work and again my iTunes play list finished and I heard the familiar whine. i hit dash board to start iTunes again and noticed the whine drop off, I am running menu meters, a great app people should try. And noticed that activating dash board had upped the second processor to 18%, interesting. Several days ago I had download the Apple Processor preferences pane, and had occasionally been getting annoyed enough when merely browsing the web or writing some plain text to turn off the second core to stop the noise. So I decided that it was blatantly something to do with load balancing on the two cores. I was planning to blog this myself, and even considered digging out the good ole GCC and trying my hand at some "proper programming" as I call it compared to my normal day of Web Applications development.

I experimented empirically activating various functions like scrolling a PDF or a webpage to make the noise come and go. Just as i was finishing for the day, I gave my active bookmarks a quick glance and noticed one of my favourite sites had a new entry; MacBook Pro I noticed... so I started to read and was amused that these little bugs catch us all out at some time or another and in fact quite selfishly pleased that I wasn't alone.

Whilst I don't know if your 8% is exactly right I completely agree with the theorem and was highly ammused by your trails to reach the magic number !

What was new to me was your observation about the mains connectivity. As soon as I read it I agreed and the sound of a thousand pennies dropping could be heard over the damn whining noise. I had only subconsciously noticed that I heard the sound first thing in the morning at work, before I could be bothered plugging my baby in, and when I first got home from work, also can't be bothered plugging her in right away. I shouted out loud, much to the surprise of my co worker "Yes he's damn well right it is to do with that" A long explanation followed and some smug gloating from my non apple converted colleagues that Apples arn't completely immune to snags.

To be honest the problem isn't bugging me out that much even when it' there I run iTunes a lot and as such either am using enough cycles anyway to keep it happy or am simply drowning out the problem. I will however compile the code supplied, then I can pretend i've done some real programming ;-)


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