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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I do like Virgin's

Megastores that is. I had the fortune to be traipsing round the local mall. Parental Units were busy, puffing and panting after the five minute walk, but that is a whole other story. I bussied myself with my version of vurerism, walking round Virgin Megastore. Holding on to far to many CDs, eight at one point, knowing inside that I can't buy these all for two reasons:
1) I'd already spent this weeks music budget at the ITMS
2) It would have been obscene to buy eight CDs at once and really something I would have only ever done with a musically inclined Evans. Someone I used to hang about with who would tell me not to feel guilty for spending more money that most African Families earn in a lifetime on some strange round joy giving pieces of plastic.
Anyway, I decided I'd try to convince myself I didn't want them all by finding something else to listen to. In HMV there are music posts with someone else usually crap music selection set up to force people to buy the latest piece of pop drivel.
I looked for such an offending pillar in Virgin Megastore and couldn't see one instead I found a different kind of monolith. This one had earphones, some CDs in a holder and some basic controls, the clever thing was however the voice that penetrated my mind when I donned the noise cancelling phones.
"Take any CD", he said in a voice not dissimilar to that of a BBC announcer "Scan the barcode on the laser underneath the post" - no way I thought. , the machine responded like a Wallmart check out. Instantly, OK not exactly a step input here, but amazingly fast, I couldn't discern a wait. Music filled my audio receptors at volume that was loud but not unpleasant. I toyed with the rudimentary controls, volume up... up... up... yeah. "Next track" There is my well spoken English mate again. Clear the "Next Track" is to stall you, but the system still responded pretty quick. Instant music. I flipped through several tracks and even more CDs each time the system responding to all intents a purposes instantly.
Whilst I realise a barcode is a nice shiny beacon of a unique key, it's a pretty optimised table that's pumping out, what I must say is pretty low bit rate music, not horrid but no worse than say, an iPod, and no annoying hard disk action every thirty seconds.
So go play, try and catch it out(Pick up a DVD), deafen yourself, buy more than eight CDs but most of all enjoy the music.


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