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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


OK all the hooplar surround what has been called, spinning crap from gold. Yes XP on a mac is "interesting" technically quite cool but would you, just to run that single application ? Not on a dual boot - still to inconvient.

Anyway I am about to start planning my next system, and whilst I am not a fan of single sign on or nescesarily identity 2.0 type schemes whereby the creditials are central to the services that require them. I have written systems in the past that (since they were operating in a known domain) could obtain the users login automatically and therefore 'know' who they were. Whilst this works in php on a windows 2003 IIS server. It's somewhat flaky and occasionally pops up a login box. This can be accepted in a new system being rolled out, the minority might get a login box to fill in, and would do it get tothe new system. However we're going to upgrade the intranet with an "intelligent" notices system, just accept, like I have, that my boss doesn't understand quite what inteligence is, from a computing sense obviously.

The point being if I run this in php across 1500 student it's likely that a fair proportion will end up being hit with a login box when trying to access the intranet / internet - some of those might fill it in and then be presented with new notices that their user hasn't seen. However some of the little darlings won't bother to login hit, cancel and then potter off and surver the net with gay abandon having never noticed the n ew notices and not knowing that they're exam has moved location and then then not necessarily notice when they sit down to an Endemiology exam when in fact they were expecting "Gardening 101" - in short they have a bad time.

So I thought harvesting the domain user name is apparently a less turgid affair using asp / when running on a server 2003 box with IIS, don't worry I'm getting to my point / open ended question to be discussed... is it sacrilegious to consider developing on my beloved mac ? Is it even possible, or should i use this as an oportunity to try this whole dual boot to xp thing ?


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