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Friday, April 14, 2006

Merlin and QS

Everyone's friend Merlin Mann has done a page on Quicksilver modules "you might not know" - since I'm a bot of a QS fan I thought I'd link to it at - i don't think they're all worth it but maybe it'll give you the impetus to try it.

I've just installed the universal binary release of Fire Fox and tbh I'm kind underwhelmed, more than four of five tabs and it positivly crawls using about 99% of one of the dual bad boys. Of couse not running in emulation now it can't access any of the flash plugs for the likes of the BBC website etc unless I snap it back to Rosetta, just my two cents.

Firefox Universal is available at, I think for speed I might flirt with Deerpark, Kamino, Safari or Opera (I know I know) I'm a bit of a browser whore.


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