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Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Most of our imports come from foreign countries" -GWB

With the official visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao, being noted for what wasn't said as much as what was said, shouted, hurled and screamed I remember an official visit to of some Chinese dignatories to a city I used to live in. The student body protested, the human rights campaigners rallied, the hoteliers and restauranters did big business.

After the visit I recall an actual official state visit to the UK was , pomp circumstance, dinner with the Queen, the works - it was around the time the Government was losing a vote, on ID cards maybe, John Prescot MP met with Hu after the vote and in one of his laughable dulcet northern toned gaffes proclaimed, "We've lost the vote, the vote we've just lost it" laughable because Hu probably doesn't realise that a government can lose votes, or maybe he doesn't even remember what votes are.

The close collaboration between the two Super Powers is being met by some with dismay, regarding privacy, freedom of expression, freedom to practise religion and censorship. Everyone at the time lambasted Google for acquiescing to China's demands for filtered searching and readership disclosures, despite the fact that Microsoft and Yahoo had been at it for ages. Google didn't help themselves with that "Do no evil" thing they had going on for a while.

It will take a big, morally, company to say "No" to China and take the economic hit, further more it will take people outside China to say "No". Garments made in sweat shops, electronics made in chemically dangerous conditions are purchased by the US, the UK and Europe. Why ? Cost mainly. The trade deficit between the United States and China is massive, $220bn maybe. China devalues its currency, its people, its environment, this is a common trait in the remaining Communist pillars, whilst the opulent few carry that heavy well fed gilt edged burden for the desperate many.

We currently run about like headless, avian flu infected, chickens about Iran's nuclear apitite, what about China's, is this the new country to really fear ? they can after all raise the largest Army on earth if calling on their total population able to fight. Massing troops on Taiwan's borer - their Living room maybe ? It took China several days to admit what happened in a Chemical explosion in one villiage, before they turned the poisoned water supply off, to protect the local populous no doubt, despite not making any other provision. The west has allowed itself to be taken in by the cheap imports from the waking bear. Convincing itself that progress was being made human rights quip in a speech, McDonalds built here and there, some internet access (To non politically sensitive sites obviously), a state visit here, some tourists on the great wall.
I thought of Kafka's (Pretentious me ?), The Great wall of China, he tells the tale of a beggar fleeing from a conflict. "So eager are out people to obliterate the present." when people ignore the beggar.

Whilst Google filtering the entire perspective of the Chinese people based on the whim of the Opulently fed few is no Tianaman Square, an incident that by the way never happened, honest - I think it is still wrong, somehow we have decided it is palatable, "Their way" Woz described it as, are we ignoring the beggar ?


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