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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Shiny - a double edged sword

Well on this bank holiday weekend, it is gloriously sunny in my part of the world. So instead of hiding my pasty limbs away I decided I'd sit 'dans le jardin ' and take in some rays, raise my vitamin D levels and smell the grass. That is until I found a small problem with my beautiful Mac Book Pro, since it's so shiny, the casing and keyboard quite litterally blinds me during use. I have had to don my Oakleys to work on it, although that then makes it even hard to see the tft screen, anti glare my foot!

On a further worrying note, a "permanant" solution to the whine has been described on the apple discussion forums, I'm not jkeen, it removes the speed step extension to the mac os x kernal. Some people are prophising doom, claiming that the machiens will melt down into the core of the earth without some temperature protections, all false obviously (Temperature and fan controll is located elsewhere) however this "fix" does take a 30% hit on the battery life, which given I've been sat here writing this for about 5 minutes I only have 2:47 minutes remaining, I don't like those odds.

For now I'll stick to using magic, to stop my whining.

The idea of aluminim cases has always been a give and take istuation for me, sure the aluminium is supposed to help dissapate heat, but if I leave my baby in the Sun or sit using it in the sun surly this removal is being impeeded, or at worst being reversed, if I use it on a very hot day, you know high 70s - is the heat exchanger gonna do a180 and push heat onto the board ?

ps sorry for any spelling mistakes, sinceI'm wearing eye protection to save my retinas being scared I'm having some diffisulty seeing the screen.


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