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Monday, April 10, 2006

Virtualisation pointers...

Whilst I hope, St. Steve isn't loosing it and considering shipping beautiful macs with Windows. I am sure, please let it be so that Dvorak and now The Reg are on Crack with their crazy time lines about Apple becoming a subsidury of MS. However with the "official support" offered by Bootcamp and many peoples predications / hopes that true virtualistation will be present in Leopard somthing like parallels Virtual machines, using hypervisor giving you click and excute in a window environment for x86 binary applications (.exe). I have noticed an interesting pointer for this in Safari, now I don't think apple have made a windows version of Safari like Firefox is cross platform which always explained it there, but why does Safari warn me when I download an .exe ? I can't run it on Mac OS X, yet, is this a bit of future proofing by apple that means eventually a downloaded .exe could be as dangerous on a mac as it is on a PC ? Could I soon be wanting to buy a virus scanner for my mac because I can't trust files I find on the web anymore ? Hopefully we won't need spyware since all the protection mechanisms are and will remain in place to stop the unauthorised execution of code on the mac ? We'll have to wait and see.


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