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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Apple Newclear laptops

Well I find that UK Premier has grown some cahones, he's gone Nuclear. I am not supprised, I think it is a sensible, safe, environmentally concious option. I'm interested to know how we're going to build them. Despite the new clutch of Nuclear Power Courses that are only just beginning we're not going to have any of our own nuclear engineers for about a decade but no fear I hear we can outsource the building of the new facilities. Apparently the Iranians might be considering offering a new consulting service regarding nuclear plant, commissioning and maintenance. The Isralis will also assist in the decominsioning of any older plants.

MacBooks released, bout time. I am not a fan of the shiny screens, shiny cases good. Shiny screens bad. It's blatently so people in the stores go... "ooo shiny"
The specs are an interesting bunch, it's all online you be the judge. I've got my MBP I'm sticking with it... integrated graphics is causing a lot of concern about the new line up.

Interesting time at work, apparently we're taking the web app to infinity and beyond... all I can say is does anyone remember curtains ?

If anyone wants to travel to NYC later this week for the Cube opening, gimme an e-mail I'm looking for some company.


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