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Friday, May 26, 2006

A few misc items

Well after my Jedi fun with the MacSaber I saw a video of usefull intentions towrds the motion sensor. It's on youtube, the smackbook. Although I'm still having doubts about beating up my one and a half grand laptop.

Managed to go and touch a macbook the otehr evening. I like it, the keyboard is interesting, I don't think it will stop debris falling through as some have suggested but the few minutes I've had with it were pleasent enough good tactile feedback. Still not as nice as the Dell I once typed on. The machine's magnetic lid thing is inovative it felt very solid I held it under my arm and I think I felt more comfortable holding that there than my MBP.

It was so nice the Malteese market girl was somewhat gutted that she'd opted for an iBook when she did, I had to spend an hour defending my avice based on the none universal office kit that is used daily. On that note Patricia has decided to start using my best tool for the job idea and begun a torrid love affair with iWorks. Producing brochures, postcards, leaflets and presentations willy nilly. All of which look delicious. I personally am not buying into the fuss, both products have some nice features over their MS counter parts. However someone she demo'd the presentation too from Keynote said it did look smoother than Power Point and that person has been completely put off Apple by my Zealousness they're scared they'll become indoctrinated now if they try it out for themselves.

Went for a fantastic dinner the other evening, which was only marred by someone quite unexpected piquing my inner Start Wars geek and having a 90 raging debate about subtle nuances of the original trilogy.

It's all change at work we've had 18 new appointees now... a horrifyingly high turnover in my opinion, not that all of them are replacements some are simply new positions through expansion.

I discovered some lovely time-lapse video software that hooks into my eyesight, here is my first effort some pretty clouds... dead original init... easy to do though.
so I made this...

Also found this and felt a worrying emotional connection.

diggnation might be going to London England soon!


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