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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A gaggle of media

Well last night, real player universal binary arrived on my mac. Despite the UK mirror not having the most up to date version a quick click to the US mirror and I have a native running real player on my macintel. Very good I hear you cry, excellnt, BBC content now works with Safari and my beloved Radio4 Widget is working after a 6 week sabatical. However real isn't being picked up by firefox, or there isn't a plug-in available yet, so hopefully that will be fixed in a few hours.

This morning, my mac crashed which was annoying, my mac book doesn't seem to ever get past a week of sleeping and waking without needing a bit of a slap. The Maltese Market Trader's iBook last time I looked had an uptime of 34 days which makes me somewhat jealous.

After my mac restarted, I saw the new flock of Apple Mac adverts, mostly ammusing because His Jobsness hinted at these last week and I was reading a blog somewhere over the weekend that was lamenting the fact that apple doesn't have a decent mac ad campaign, and hasn't since the switch set of ads. I do wonder how long till I see this on UK terrestrial TV.

Ironically the second one I watched was the macs don't crash one, so Mac Book take note, "I'm gonna go get IT" - love it. The Maltese Marauder easily commented that they had a young hip "cute" -her exact word- guy for the mac and a slightly rotund stuffy type for the PC. Naughty since the mac is approximately the same age as the PC, give or take.


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