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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hello... hello... can you hear me ?

It's back, It's back... is it a unibin ? OK It's back... it's now .10 revisions later. I bet it doesn't have gosh darn video though.
It is 16 megs coming down then 24 megs unpacked. It is indeed Intel when running on my mac book pro, meaning it launches in a jiffy and hasn't horribly slowed my entire machine down to a crawl.

Before I dialed my first universal binary call it's running at about 14% processor power.
When dialing out it's using about 78% of my dual cores, 58 Megs of Real memory, and has reserved itself a possible 441 of virtual memory. It is running accross 18 threads at the moment.

In a call I'm on for 29% processor usage.


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