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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

IE Beta 7

This has been bubbling around for some days now. I find it very annoying that Google are allegedly whinng about this. As other comentators have pointed out, MSN didn't complain to my knowledge, their search offering at that time wasn't out of this world, still they did have a business model around searching.

Google do have the largest advertsing engine on the web, this is their primary source of income and I can understand their will to protect it. A number of cents everytime you use a link provided by the google bar or google search in firefox goes right into the pocket of Google, that adds up to some crazy money.

However to compare the use of MSN in IE to the anti-trust compaints of the late 90s is absurd. IE was an integral part of the OS and couldn't be removed. This latest incarnation:
1) Doesn't form a part of the OS, current reports are that it is completely disasociated from the OS, many hope this will:
a) Close off some legacy security holes that came from IE to the OS
b) Win the hearts and minds of the DOJ by being pro active in allowing other browers to become the default without mandating IE is still used on some level like control panels modern view, was powered by IE
2) In the same vein as b) above, the fact you can add new browsers easily is mirrors in the fact in IE v7 beta, you can add as many search providers as you can shake a stick at, including google if you so desire.

People should stop banging on about MS abusing their position, they gained that position by making good business decisions, they may have taken some advantage out of the position at some point, but this is business after all - it's not like they've been feeding chemical pestcides to children from crop spraying for a couple of decades is it ?

Google should certianly not be so hypocritical given the direct comparisons between the firefox search box and IE.

This litigeous soceity is getting worse and worse, RIM are getting sued by a patent holder, again. I sometimes wonder who is issuing all these patents leading to these law suits, at least in the UK you can't patent something that is already in the public domain.


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