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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Me too, me too

Not one to miss out on blogging what every other cheap two bit tech blogger is on about, I've received notification about the 10.4.7 update.

My initial observations are... yikes it's a bit big - weighing in at 130+ megs for my Intel processor

I've not installed yet, relying on some great advice I received from my very own troll who I think picked it up from everyone's favourite J Grubber namely that you should weight 24+ hours before installing big ole OS upgrades like this incase Apple silently pull it, fix it some more and server it up cold again.

I run hot and cold with this advice, depends what the upgrades supposed to cover, I'm wondering if the line "compatibility with third party applications and devices" might mean better iSync with my Siemens S65, which will mainly be not working at the moment.

As such I turned to a community that tends towards the positive aspects of "The wisdom of crowds" and often can be the first port of warning in an emergency, bit like the Shipping Forecast, found here.

Unfortunately in recent weeks the boards are up and down like "a tarts knickers", as my boss is fond of saying...



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