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Monday, June 05, 2006

Notable Keynotes

Today the goat pelt trading Maltese cart girl had a miniature coup, one of our senior offices and the grand fromage gave presentations in Keynote.
I was originally sceptical of pushing this technology on such senior persons who would be presenting in-front of the entire organisation. None the less it went well, after a bout of nausea caused by transition overload, which I insisted was toned down. There are only so many cube rotations you can cope with. Further more some of the more Apple resistant members of staff were thwarted in their efforts to undermine the Appleness by trying to insist that the presentation would need to be distributed in Power Point - Keynote exported fairly well, adding a couple of extra bullet points here and there but mostly it looked fine even without the Apple only super transition effects.

The audience, on the whole, responded well and there was a discernible ripple of "oo ahhh" when the first reflection slide floated across the screen. The idea of giving a demo by having a video in the middle worked exceptionally well, although that's not Keynote specific.

I highly recommend people look-up the latest and greatest Keynote presentation doing the rounds, Al Gore, former US Presidential candidate, has been running this global warming presentation for about 10 years, and a movie has just been made about his presentation, not a marvellous premise for a film - however the presentation is worth a watch.
you can find it on youTube, and a piece on the Apple site about how Mr. Gore utilises Keynote:

Presentation, starts some 10 minutes in, here
Trailer for the film here
Apple promo site here

Now my pro nuclear and terribly right wing readers watched this and pointed out it is feeding this liberal left environmentalists idea of fear, uncertainty and doubt, and that using pictures of cooling towers pumping out tonnes of water vapour is not a sign of pollution, to this I said - look the idea of a trailer is to get people through the door. Today you get people to go and see exciting action films with cheap and tacky strap-lines, selectively editing to make people want to go... this film however hopefully, will at least make them think once they are through the door. I would encourage all sceptics to give this film a chance, even if it doesn't change your mind about governmental policies on climate change - just think about it for a second. Yes Al Gore does have a few minutes of hate against the current administration towards the end... I closed my eyes and hunkered down for this bit in an otherwise thought provoking film.


Pepperpot said...

OK, so what you seem to be saying was that the audience were impressed by one of the transitions. And thus Keynote outranks PowerPoint? Or is this a very sly swipe at how easily impressed your audience is? Surely the art of a good presentation begins, continues and ends with content and delivery. To recommend one piece of software for having groovier animations makes you sound like....a sixth former!

(Yes, you can embed video in PowerPoint. I know a killer in service training handout that explains how, in fact)

8:44 PM  
M said...

I don't recomend it purely because of the transitions. I appologies if my post implied such. Transitions are merely one area where the Apple platform performs better with slideware.
Open GL 3D transitions are merely one
Pre Cacheing the next slide, consider doing a lessig style presentation in Power Point, I've tried - it fails miserably
Better dual monitor support presenter display being configurable to show the next slide
A timer
A clock
Media is handled differently in Keynote and yes I would go far as saying Keynote and the underlying Quartz
A consistant look and feel of the slide deck
Even on a compatability platform, can Power Point export the deck as a movie file for distribution ?

9:43 PM  
M said...

I will however grant you that Power Point on the Mac is super... it's certainly better than the Windows Offering, it includes some of the features discussed above, I await with interest - Office 2007

9:51 PM  
Pepperpot said...

Comments duly (key)noted!

10:08 PM  
Dom said...

one of the major advantages of Keynote are its sensible defaults and the ease with which you can obtain a nicely layed out slide, e.g. spacing and aligning elements to guidelines, that grabs audience attention

powerpoint defaults to horrible fonts, horrible auto-sizing text to fit (i.e. different font sizes on each slide!)

9:41 PM  
M said...

This autosizing text is something I know many people despise

7:49 AM  

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