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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Phantom of the Opera goes on Safari following the long Camino then gets bitten by a FireFox after watching the Sunrise

OK this has bugged me for a while. I love tabbed browsing, looking forward to IE 7 RC 1, having played with IE 7 Beta, I'm not overwhelmed, seems like another catching up exercise, so thumbs up the mainstream can get rss in their browser.

Since I started using a mac, I've become a bit of a browser tart. I've currently got
1) Firefox
2) Safari
3) Opera
4) Camino
5) IE
6) Shirra
7) Deerpark
8) OmniBrowser
9) Sunrise

Varying webkit and mozilla + others. All of which, except old IE, now use tabs, some with RSS, well organised histories.

However, the WebKit based browsers have a serious failing with tabs implementation. It stems from the innocent looking close button:
You see how I've got all those gorgeous tabs lined up full of stories to read, now, next or systems I'm designing...

Because when you hit close, guess what yes Safari closes, taking sometimes up to 20 tabs with it. I can't tell you how many times, this has caught me out. I admit I'm stupid, I meant to hit cmd+w but caught cmd+q. Should the application at least make an effort to proctect me from my own stupidity ?

Even more annoying is the positioning of the close tab cross, right there on the tab - I've countless times more closed a tab when I've merely wanted to bring it in to focus, that tab could have been languishing at the back of the class waiting to be read for days, meaning the vastly inadequate Safari history can't get it back.

Enter the hero in this story

Yes it appears that such a stupid, shoot yourself in the foot user interface shotgun sized hole doesn't exist in the Mozilla based stuff.

Isn't that twee ?
It's not just the bastion that is FireFox, it is the other Mozilla based browsers, check out this warning from Camino

And do you notice how to close a tab in there puppies... yes you've got to go out of your way to close it... right there on the right hand end... hmmm notice a bit of Windows, Mac OS X and Firefox mixed metaphore there, the close tab is on the right, to close in Mac OS X it's usually left.

Please apple, fix this - no I appologise, it isn't a fault. Safari is just missing a feature. Please add it.


Dom said...

I've told you a thousand times, the Saft plugin for Safari provides a close warning popup

9:14 PM  
M said...

This costs 12 bucks. It's actually a crash recovery technique. Doesn't stop me killing individual tabs when I spaz out and hit the grey cross on a tab.

10:19 PM  

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