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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Reboot rant

OK - I know macs are not supposed to do this, but it jsut crashed. It went for 8 days without bombing out, it slept 20 odd times in those 8 days and took some pretty harsh beatings in that time. It still pisses me off though. I suppose if you're going to use Beta software on a new processor then push it in and out of full screen a couple of douzen times, you are playing with fire. So my uptime meter is now back to...

I know you shouldn't wear your uptime like a badge of honor, and I know that a good reboot clears out all the caches, gives the paging files a break and gives fsscan a chance to check things over, but I love the fact that 95% of the time I open my mac and it's already to work, not having to wait for a boot process, even that is like 40 seconds on my mac book pro.

I'm not giving up trying to convice the caffeine addict to by a mac book, shiny white - she's not having it though, although my heart did skip a beat when I heard her today mention she was saving up for the Apple, turns out she meant the la grande pomme, NYC,
So it's more




M said...

I'm told, Laptops are not meant to stay up. It certainly talies with the fact that the mini is still going strong.

7:51 PM  

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