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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So shiny

Well I spent like an hour and a half in the Apple store this afternoon, sad, maybe... but mainly admiring the gorgeousness of the Macbooks.

Trading browser tips with the cool guys in there was fun, especially one of the dudes recommended that Shira Web Kit based browser, which avid readers will know I spoke about only last week. In return I recommended the Sunrise Browser for developers with it's rather lovely transparencies.

Trying to convince one of my colleagues to get a Mac Book - realistically I'm not going to get anywhere, although we did have a deal that if I got an iPod they'd get a Mac Book.

I think the new consumer laptop is so nice... that screen despite my earlier commented fears is nice to use. Admittedly if you caught it at the wrong angle the sharp lights in the store were visible but not horrific. You do pay a premium for the black case but it is so much cooler and with that Keyboard, so retro.

Whilst I had a plethora of machine available to grope I did notice a few things...

1) The Desktop App running on all in store machines, to do things like look at the store calendar, book a genius bar slot etc. is still a PPC app running through Rosetta

2) The white macbooks didn't seem to look dirty and given they are on the shop floor they should get some serious pounding

3) The two fingered context menu activation, that currently I'm running on my MBP through a Kernal Hack, is a bit hit and miss on the new mac books on display... two had it one didn't - couldn't simply be that it wasn't activated in the System Prefs

4) The lids seem much lighter than the iBook I have access too, spinning on their axis in a much smoother manner

5) That magnet is pretty cool, I can seriously imagine closing the lid on a mac book and carrying it to meetings or lectures etc.


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