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Friday, June 09, 2006

There is some sport on TV

Whilst the country is in the throws of World Cup fever it might be wise to remember the plight of poor Jenson Button our beleaguered F1 driver for Honda. Beginning on Sunday whilst the country is either in the peaks of joy after a first game win over the South American Paraguay or the troughs of depression with the doom sayers, proclaiming

"It's all over now, we may as-well come home, that's it. Game over"

Christopher Moyles might well broadcast "That game was well gay."

Jenson Button will take part in his 108th Grand Prix, this week on home bitumen composed tarmac at Silverstone, the premier event in some peoples sporting calendar is playing second fiddle to 22 chaps kicking a bag of wind around a field near the Black Forest. With 40*10^6 (According to Sven) fans getting behind the Ensign some even choosing to daub on their faces with paint.

With this in mind I was amused to read B Johnson's recent post regarding the Patricia Hewit's nail varnish, no really, give it a read. I love that image of her turning the England flag into the flag of the People's Republic.

Whilst we're bashing the communists. I read what actually turned out to be a half decent interview with that Galloway bloke, conducted by Piers Morgan. Both persons I have a shallow dislike for, fuelled purely by the media, and having never met either it's an low opinion I'm fairly happy with. What made it quite interesting in the first instance is that Morgan freely admits he's not a member of the cat impersonators fan club.

The topics vary from:
The infamous cat scene, which George is not embarrassed by,
George's recent divorce, which George is upset by
and to George's position regarding an assassination attempt on the UK Premier, which George has mixed feelings about.
And his opinions about who would make a better PM, no it's not Che Guvara or Castro.

George is quite candid throughout. Displaying his panache for stringing arguments together in a manner that allows him to vent his spleen regarding the war in the Persian gulf. Morgan is genuine when he describes Galloway as one of the greatest orators that is currently sitting in "The mother of democracy".


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