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Sunday, July 02, 2006

10.4.7 Update

Apparently those rumors where correct, there was a revision released regarding the 10.4.7 upgrade. All complete conjecture from what I can figure out, but after reading here I did then check here:

So apparently I have the revision.

In other news, one of my babies was closed at the end of last week, I had an interface idea along the lines of "How to scare the bejesus out of your users" the first was, lets put a timer at the top of the interface letting them know how long they've got left...

Then once this time has expired, scare them further by letting the users know exactly what bad, bad children they are...

I'd like to think that my colleagues would be shamed into realising that we all have deadlines. OK I could be being a little harsh such blanket rules are doomed to fail.

One last thing, I've noticed this twice recently in Safari - on the extra pane below the blog post window:

which I usually only see on when I'm in FireFox, is this an anomaly or some silent upgrade ?

OK Truly the final thing, I've just bought a membership to here which is nice supporting the blogsphere and I get a free teeshirt - AWESOME. Summer is coming so I can throw my suit in the closet for a few weeks.


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