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Monday, July 10, 2006


Well, for the fourth time my mac pinged off when it shouldn't have. No warning. So I got annoyed and rang AppleCare.
I'd read online about silent recalls etc. A lot of the people effected seems to be dying when about 50%. Which I don't think mine does. However spoke to a nice Asian girl, bit of a language barrier but hey I can adapt.

Well gave her my seriel numbers, machine and battery. She said that mine numbers didn't fall into the recall category, which I kind of already knew. No further discussion she simply said that although mine wasn't due for a recall I'm having problems with it and she will send a replacement, with a returns sticker for mine.

She tried to trouble shoot a bit more and we discussed resetting the PMU, done that.
She tried to ascertain at what level it tends to power off, and I had toa dmit I hadn't really noticed.

Acceptably she took my credit card incase I chose to try and keep both.

New one will be with me in 5-6 days, speaking of deliveries my new cell phone is due soon.


Dom said...

I _cannot_ believe you called it a cellphone!

export LOCALE=en_GB !!!!!!!!!

10:41 PM  
Anonymous said...

i'm having the same problem. except they haven't replaced my battery yet. my battery is really messed up. the light on the magsafe keeps blinking amber to green for no reason, and just recently, the battery has started to swell. i can't believe a $2000 computer would come with a defective battery.

11:20 PM  

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