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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Intel is going medieval on prices

OK For my 100th post I am giving you an AMAZING offer, I've teamed up with Intel to slash the prices right across it's current range. Seriously though this is the kind of capitalism that I like, not your Enron style thefts the Mirror group pension saga and forget your Microsoft anti-trust cases, good honest to god capitalism at it's best. "If you can't make a better product, make a cheaper one and keep making it cheaper until one of your falls over" Page 129 Better Business Techniques.

Whilst Intel bill the prices cuts as making room for the next big thing, AMD tell us not to buy because they have the next big thing - either way it means cheaper components on your desk right now - all the better for the market.

Maybe I wanted to post something profound for my centennial post, however my write up of my wine tasting extravaganza isn't ready, my list of 10 ways to piss off your hard working employees also isn't ready nor is my review up of the new Apple Bluetooth Mighty Mouse, which my local Apple store does have in.


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