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Friday, July 14, 2006

K800 SMS and Address book

When I got my new phone iSync worked thanks to a little hack I knew existed but I was directed to by a colleague. However Address Book sending SMS and making calls didn't work out of the box. I'm sure an Address Book update is coming with native support but hey I'm impatient like that.

All the information I needed to make my Sony Ericsson K800i work with Address book that's SMSing and Dialing was from the link above. I am merely reproducing it here so I know I can always find it in future. Obviously BACKUP Address Book first.

Path to file...

# In the Finder, choose "Go > Go to Folder..." or press Apple-Shift-G
# Then Paste (Apple-V) into the dialog box and click "Go". This will open the required folder.
# Open the ABDeviceCommandSets.plist file with Apple's Property List Editor.
# Open Root > 1 > ABDeviceModelStrings (you'll see existing entries)
# While ABDeviceModelStrings is highlighted, click on 'New Child'.
# Type in K800 to the right of where it says 'String'.
# Save the file and relaunch Address Book.


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