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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mighty mouse playing football and creativity from Dell ?

Well I have been waiting for one of these for ages. After suggesting that the Maltese cart girl gets a wireless mouse for her laptop, I knew I had set in motion the catalyst for a decent wireless mouse from Apple.

Yesterday, thanks to my playing off the cosmic Gods like puppets Apple launched a Bluetooth Might Mouse. Look it is gorgeous and no wires... I have contacted my local Apple store to see if they had any in but no luck as yet. I am waiting for an e-mail today with good news.


I caught this application, todos on Paul's blog but didn't think anything of it other than, oh that's pretty. I can imagine it being somewhat overwhelming since it appeared to find all the apps on your machine including the likes of X11 and Big Top which most users are not going to have heard of let alone want in one click access. I am sure these can be de-located in the application, however I didn't bother downloading because 1) it got digg dotted or whatever phase is hip now and couldn't get to the their site. 2) I am amazingly happy with Quicksilver which is far more than just a launcher. However as you can see from Mr. Stamatiou's site today there are updates in the offing so it might be one to watch.

On the subject of my favourite multi purpose program I suggest you all head on over to and check out mac break episode 12 that I got on my Podcast playlist yesterday it is Leo and Merlin Mann from 43folders giving a tour of Quicksilver examples include, e-mail and append to text two functions I use on a daily basis along with the network location plug-in.

Dell gets creative and so do HP but Apple told to back off.

Since Dell revealed to it's shareholders that all is not well with its quarterly numbers. I have been thinking about a number of reports I have heard of recently that seem to juxtaposed to the big companies positions.
Apple with less iPods sold but profits per share up amazingly and more mac units shipping all the time is currently dealing with the findings of a report that they should push the creative angle less because it might be off putting to those people who don't think they want to be creative off buying a mac.
However Dell with sliding numbers and HP, whose numbers I am not immediately aware of, have both begun creativity campaigns.
From Dell we have the now quite old adverts of the dude with his drum sticks acting like a man possessed and then I find from HP these two offerings, for the world cup HP had this and
the Pharrell Williams video.

What gives there was a mini backlash to the last Apple ad set some claiming that Justin Long's character was too arrogant and full of his own self importance... sounds like a mac user to me... and that the timing was all off because John Hodgeman has just become the current darling of the web 2.0 brigade with his delightfully insightful and comical pieces on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart see here and here


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