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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sony Ericsson K800i > K610i ;-)

I shall write another post on my ability to write a complaint letter in the future. For now let us accept I received my new cell phone today, Sony Ericsson K800i


Notice that I have been sent a new SIM unfortunately SIM didn't work first time so I had to call them to find out what was up, no literature was provided explaining my next course of action.
I spoke to Samantha at my mobile provider told me she'd activate it, although I only caught them at the end of their day

Menu on start up "Airplane or Normal mode" I wonder how long before that gets annoying... since I never turn my phone off, it will only add to frustration if phone crashes and reboots or if battery life is slim

Menus seemed snappy with an inactive SIM, they did slow down when I put a working SIM in.

Screen is sharp, very bright - this can be altered I'm sure bringing battery life benifits

Why does it have wallpapers, themes, screen savers... why does the background move ? I'm not going to enter into another rant about the current state of mobile devices other than to quote the old adage "Jack of all trades, master of none"

Bluetooth found as per normal turned on, picked a phone name - all as normal if you've used BT on a phone before.

iSync worked with a bit of a known hack from the web and backed up by l' troll, sync worked amazingly. All my Address book, calendar etc moved from the ole MBP to the K800i. It doesn't however work with Address Book to send SMSs even with the Address Book .plist file hacked. All idea welcomed.

These handy little tips pop up that seem relevant to what I'm trying to do, I wonder how long till they get annoying.

Also found option to use as modem this hasn't worked with a standard dial up account, but when 3G SIM is activated maybe this will mean I can get web from anywhere with 3G coverage... must look up that map

Found a hidden bonus I didn't know about under bluetooth "Remote Control" amazed, truly native mouse control of my mac from the K800i, also has Presentation features... just saved me the cost of Salling Clicker, sorry. In the words of bugs, "Cool bananas Beckett"

Took a picture... gotta say nice camera, despite the fact I ordered a telephone

Crashed for the first time after 12 minutes of use while trying to send a picture message, tut tut.

That "Flight mode or normal" menu just got annoying

Why are there no normal adult ring tones, is this a reference to the immaturity article I recently read ? "Doctors phone" might be a winner here.

Address book searches by first name... I hate this, it should be an option. I search by surname on my phones and if it won't let me I reverse the order I enter names, this is less of an option whilst I sync with my computer.

I don't like the fact I can't tromp around the phone memory fully in bluetooth (Which is very snappy by the way) this means I can't clear out all the crap they supply that I don't want.

Using the supplied USB cable, the phones enters what to all intent an purposes is a target disk mode, however when testing on my mac the folders all appeared on the drive, including system folders - but all were empty.

Ooo 3G SIM just activated... wonder what this will change... not bad only took my provider two hours

One of the pop up tips just lied to me about stand by function... guess they just got annoying.

The main significant difference on my 3G card seems to be a different icon at the top of the screen.... like the change from Windows 95 to Windows 98

OK trying "full browser" to go online to the work website. It failed... but not badly, loaded up the frames warning... but her 3G or GPRS or UTMS or pick your acronym is fast.

BBC News website, I asked for the 3 minute news headlines from the mobile site, it warned me I'd be charged a data transfer rate from my provider then set downloading my .3gp file of 1265KB took the same time as typing this paragraph, and then this extra few words that I'm going to keep typing and typing until it's finished, the quick brown... DONE

Here... good ole BBC no DRM that's what we like

Doesn't look bad, more nuclear power plants and President Blair on a boat, doesn't look bad really (The video not the president). Sounds OK. Hey I might need a better data contract or this could end up costing me a fortune. Good job it's got a data counter.

Let me save it too.

Snapy enough web browsing, this could come in extra useful while the cricket is on. I remember the one time I got the Windows Mobile device working on GPRS was in a field at a Classical Fireworks display set to Holst's Planets Suite and the Windows Mobile Device let me get ball by ball cricket news.

OMG Syd Barrett is dead, wow only 60 - legend. Sorry ended up watching news.

OK Overall I'm impressed so far. I'm wowed by the 3G internet - I am very glad I left it, what, 4 years before buying into it. This is the first time I've had a mobile device that has just worked, whilst I'm sure my provider will charge me a premium for data the simplicity of "Boom it just worked" might be worth it if I buy the correct bolt on what-sit

I successfully sent a picture to another picture phone, re-mortgaged the house to pay for it. Despite the costs it has worked, I am experiencing this technology so far 90 minutes after turning the phone on, maybe 20 minutes after having the SIM activated, much like the adverts suggest I should.

I was correct in my prediction about the lens cover, it's doing my head in.

Did some more playing... there are three profiles supplied with my providers set up on this phone for internet access, I then used the internet to look up the manual settings for those services. Plugged them into my macs dial up settings and boom, I have full internet in my browser on my mac via bluetooth using however the mobile is connecting to the big cloud that is the internet.

Making my first call. The speaker is loud enough and clear. Handsfree was comfortable for about 30 minutes that I wore it.
I shall try and post more feedback as the first week goes on. I have noticed there is integration with from the onboard camera, so we shall have to try that, might mean you get more photos from me in the RSS feed - sorry.

There is a record function when in a call, it beeps every 20 seconds and the recipient of the call can hear this so it's not exactly James Bond, I was going to post a recording but I thought this might be infringing the caller's privacy, I'll just say it's listenable to again, maybe for dictation but not long term - you couldn't mix your next big hit on it.

There are some other apps included but it isn't exactly iLife.


Adrian said...


Which modem drivers did you use for the k800? I can't see, to get this to work.

p.s. If you can reply via email as well to my name @ my website I would be very thankful.

10:37 PM  

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