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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Different Coverage of "Busting this plot"

I decided to watch BBC News 24 today rather than my normal News staple ABC. The first thing I noticed was the difference in coverage on the British Broadcasting Corporation News Service. For quite some time no details were given, this is apparently to ensure any future case against terror suspects.

The second thing I noticed was how dash ungrateful some people were. Whilst it is understandable that people are annoyed especially if they had not heard news on the way to the airport that they are uninformed. Once they realise that it is a major security alert in place, common sense should dictate that you let people get on with their jobs. Realise that the security precautions are there for your safety.

Previously I have been selected for a more careful security check , my person and my baggage given a thorough search, including a chemical analysis of seams, zips and equipment. I have been unphased, helpful and have acquiesced to security personel's requests. Why ? Because these checks are there to ensure I don't get blown up mid flight.

These facts I sternly told a fellow once who was remonstrating at the extra security check he was subjected to. I informed him, the security persons were trying to protect him and others. The officer frisking me thanked me for being so understanding.

Ignorance is a worrying factor in situations like this: one woman interviewed on the BBC News was complaining that "Well if you've got a bomb in your hand luggage and you put it in your bag well you've still got a bomb init."

I rocked with rage at the computer feed that this woman could be so short sighted, so ignorant and so reckless to assume the security services were doing this as some sort of placebo.

It is interesting to consider how long the new measures about hand luggage can be reasonably enforced. The Israel flag carrier has incredible long check in requirements, will that become a new normal for the UK ? The UK Security forces have increased their numbers from 1500 to 3500 recently - these investment have obviously paid off with an increase in intelligence gathering.

Research is obviously needed to find out why these people are radicalised against a country that, raised them, clothed them and educated them. Iraq is not a reason, it is an excuse. Previously if you disagreed with a governments foreign policy you would vote against them in one of these silly election things. Apparently the idea now is to murder a bunch of civilians and keep killing until a government capitulates - yes I can see how that ideology is so much more free and tolerant. Well it worked in Spain I suppose.


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