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Sunday, August 06, 2006

errr mobile skype, yeah and...

This popped up in my RSS just now. I don't get it. I've had a windows mobile version of Skype on my Windows Mobile handheld for 9 months. When my device connects to my WiFi and I load skype it connects to the web via that WiFi and I have held conversations with people.

Now I never tried it when I was hooked up via GPRS on the phone because well GPRS was terrible, I have no reason to suspect it wouldn't have connected though had I chased GPRS into working past getting the cricket scores.

Whether it's gonna do some jiggery pokery in the new version if you have skype out minutes available and your handheld latches onto a WiFi it'll dial using that instead of your normal Sprint or T-Mobile service, which would be cool enough to warrant a "That's pretty cool" response from me... Or if it offered a video enabled version that would then reduce your 3G video call costs ?

We'll have to wait and see I suppose but it just struck me as a none news item per se. Similar to the new wifi skype phones that are going to pillage peoples open wifi so you can make and receive skype calls. Yes it is pretty cool in a convergence kind of way.

Speaking of which I never did blog about a BT + CISCO convergence thing I was dragged to by my boss some time back. Complete waste of our time and not really applicable to us, helped him write some form of coherent strategy document though, so maybe not a complete waste. We got free usb memory devices out of it too, which I promptly lost - never mind only 128 megs, but hey with this funky windows vista memeory cacheing stuff coming up, that could have been used for I dunno the windows logo... not that I should be so smug... sat here with my mac os x 128x128 px icons.

Enough for now... as Rev. Jobs says "Peace out"


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