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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Macbook [sic] breached - cough, maybe - cough, fingers crossed...

OK I saw this article this AM. My first thought was, oh look at that a mac security scare, how come they've done it days before the WWDC - to generate shitty header copy for free. So I mainly ignored it and then when I read that they'd used a third party card, I completely whitewashed it. None of my colleagues in IT have questioned me or sent me e-mail links to the article with smug subject lines, yet - if they did I'd point to the fact that all macs come with WiFi built in and until a video comes out that shows the onboard WiFi getting waxed I'll hedge my bets that my machine is still one of the safest in the building. A building that doesn't even use WiFi hence my adapter is off during the day.

Considering the entire getting arrested for discovering a CISCO exploit at last years conference which was poo pooed by my colleagues despite being a) a helluva lot more serious and replicated b) a complete cover up by the industry then ensued. It will smack of hypocrasy if any hysteria comes my way.

So anyhow, I get home and I'm flicking through my RSS feeds and continuing to ignore the same rehashed copy of the main Washington Post article about a macbook [sic] getting hacked etc. etc. Much like it was when the open mac hack thing was "discovered" some months ago... Remember that, no, that's because it was a crock of s*** too... Sure have a user account on the machine you want to hack which we've doctored out of the box to make it less secure on the web. Complete FUD.

Then I spied two bloggers that I read religiously and one whom I've bought a membership for, yes I wanted the apparel. These two had disassembled the entire piece twice over. One with a fairly technical look (nothing really past year two of a computing course don't be too scared) and the second with a PR journalism hat on, making similar points to me about "Look a week before the WWDC what we can do". Both worth a read I am merely going to point to their articles and echo their superior prose in arguments next week. To join in with Grubber, I don't understand why they used a third party card if it catches out the built in WiFi - in one article / interview one of the "researchers" said they did it on a mac as a swipe at "Mac user base aura of smugness on security" if you wanna rub our noses in how terrifyingly unsecure our machines are... do that, don't ponce around using some third party junk manufactured at 12 cents an hour in Taiwan by a 12 year old (Never happens).

I've always said that the mac isn't perfect, heck if it were I wouldn't be up to security update number 4 this year. Even a trained chump can write some melicious code to destroy files on a machine. I stand by the fact that it's a damn sight more secure off the bat than your average home Windows box that Grandma has. Bored of the FUD now.

On a lighter note all the feeds (are they like the wires in the olden days ?) are carrying this beauty right now...

Leopard print OS X disk
64 bit sign, thought they'd trashed those after ditching the G5
NO iPhone... if they launch one, I'm selling a Sony K800i + XDA
I can see a bonjour symbol
A coffee, java cup
Near the XCode icon a little green thing ?
Some wierd thing above the spotlight icon
New iPod... sliver ?

Whatever is coming everyone is clearly very excited.... I encourage everyone to participate in WWDC bingo... not new but still fun.


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