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Sunday, August 13, 2006 icon

OK It is a small change but a fun one.

I decided to alter my icon, I'd had some British Stamps kicking around for a while, so I decided to use them.
Doesn't she look twee HRH Queen Elizabeth bouncing around in my dock...

There are apparently two methods.

1) Simply open the info pane on the application you want to change the icon. Click the small icon at the top of the info window and paste the new icon on to this. Voila new icons. I used this method when putting a custom icon on my Hard Disk, I used a rather fetching Mac Book Pro logo.

2) Some applications have their icons in a .icns file inside their package contents. Right click (Yes Apples can't right click) the application in Finder and select "Show Package Contents". Navigate into the Contents Folder -> Resources. Inside you will find many files, 327 in the case of Find the icns files you want to replace, in it was app.icns backup the originals if you want to. Copy in your new icons. Boom relaunch and it picks up the new icon.

Welcome to my humble Mac Your Majesty.

I recommend here as a resource for icons


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