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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Well I'm sure the Englandshire public feel safer

Well I for one feel safer that the UK intelligence services have another method of letting the public know how afraid they should be. Along with I hope my UK readers are carefully guarding their supplies of garden fertilizer incase Bin Laden comes' a knocking.

"Excuse me could I borrow several hundred pounds of garden chemicals, I'm just trying to grow some roses you see and I've heard I need about a metric ton to get the bloom to explode into color at just the right time."

I'm all for informing the public of a governments and security services actions, if our own NSA was concentrating more on working with US citizens instead of tapping their phone calls, we might not be four or five steps away from the totalitarian state that Kim Yung II would be proud of.


Anonymous said...

Looks like very sensible advice to me, especially when you take a look at the site and remind yourself how bad this stuff can be in the wrong hands

1:37 PM  

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