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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Where did all the space go ?

Well I get this warning, "Your startup disk is almost full". I KNOW! 100 gigs filled, litterally full...

I set about copying them to my external backup disk - which has about 20 gigs free after a clone of the main disk.

Once that had finished I could delete the files from the iTunes library, this does mean I can't play them from the library anymore, I have to find them myself. Quite whether I'm going to keep them long term, I imagine over time it could get to be an exponential curve - with no payback because there isn't a real searching mechanism, podzinger has a damn good try and I think I was told google video was supposed to be searchable inside the movies, but I never tried it.

It was at this point I found out that there is no mechanism for organising your podcasts. Yes iTunes can delete the old ones. It can store the unplayed episodes. I will even store a set number prior to deletion up to 10.

iTunes won't annoyingly allow you to move x episodes to an external location for archiving. Whilst I realise this is a symptom of my hoarding instict it is still none the less an issue I think needs addressing.

I suppose that I don't need to keep episodes past playing them, I occasionally refer to previous episodes in the recent past - a demo of an app I want to show a colleague, some bench marking etc.


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